Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL)

What is IIESL?

Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) established in 1977 as “All Ceylon Engineering Diplomates Association“, was transformed to a professional body under the name of “ Institute of Engineering Diplomates, Sri Lanka”, by an Act of Parliament(Act No. 64 of 1992). It was renamed with the present status as “Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka” by an Act of Parliament (Act No.11 of 2000). IIESL has a wide opening for personnel of all level in the field of Engineering Technology. Incorporated Engineers are the internationally recognized category of Engineers in the field of Engineering Technology, who effectively manage the construction, operation, maintenance and project management functions, by implementing appropriate technology.

Who are Incorporated Engineers?

Incorporated Engineers normally operate within a relatively well-defined technical environment, and undertake a wide range of functions and responsibilities. They are often specialists in the theory and practice of a particular branch of engineering technology or engineering-related technology, and in its application, adaptation and management in a variety of contexts. Their expertise lies in familiarity with its current state of development and its most recent applications. Within their specialist field, their expertise may be at a high level, and fully equivalent to that of a competent engineer; and they are expected to carry wide-ranging responsibilities for stakeholder interactions, for system integration, and for synthesizing overall approaches to complex situations and complex engineering proble

Our Vision

To be the leading Engineering Institution in providing professional excellence in managing and maintaining Engineering Technology at its peak efficiency, to fulfill the future needs of industry, commerce, government and society.

Our Mission

To provide a framework to elevate the professional status of the Incorporated Engineer to best effect, with frontiers of knowledge by continuous upgrading of skills to keep abreast with the latest Development and Technology, to enable the Incorporated Engineer to exert proper influence in the society.

Our Achievements

Keeping in line with IIESL’s Vision and Mission, the Members of the IIESL in the UAE have successfully completed many projects for the professional excellence of its members and other professionals at large. Some of which are;
  • Providing the opportunity for Sri Lankan professionals to obtain MBA degrees from the Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM), affiliated to the University of Sri Jayewardenepura Sri Lanka, since 2007
  • Launching the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) – External degree in the UAE-2006
  • Obtain the Corporate Membership of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors, UK-2009
  • Setting standards and establishment of the Competence Based Professional Review system for IIESL-2009.
  • Conducting CPD sessions for its members and the professionals at large.

Contact Details

Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka -UAE

Address: MCI | Dubai, Suite No. 902, Level 9, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 (4) 311 6387