Sri lankans Hospitality Professionals Association -SLHPA

Who we are?

Sri Lankan Hospitality Professionals Association – SLHPA – was born in the UAE as a result of dedicated industry veterans, mainly the Culinary professionals who wished to create a common platform for all Sri Lankan Hospitality Professionals to network, share knowledge, help one another & form a strong community for the benefit of the industry, individuals & to showcase the various talents that each individual has, through a united channel.


SLHPA has obtained the member association status from the Sri Lankan Professionals Association, UAE which allows SLHPA to operate legally in the UAE as a registered association.

The SLHPA will operate under a legal constitution that all members are expected to abide by. This constitution will ensure that all dealings of the association are transparent, legal & ethical as an entity.

Our Vision

To be a leader in professional & personal development of the Sri Lankan hospitality sector in line with United Arab Emirate’s & their leader’s vision with the global standards.

Our Mission

Industry subject matter experts working to develop future leaders to deliver high-quality professional service within the hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates and bringing the image of the profession to the highest level.

Core Objectives

  1. Provide a strong platform where all hospitality professionals can unite.
  2. Develop professionals & leaders within the industry who will continue to deliver high quality Sri Lankan hospitality & carry the name of the motherland & the industry to a higher position.
  3. Connect with other Sri Lankan associations where the members can benefit from networking, shared knowledge, etc.
  4. Create development opportunities to those who require through education, training & development. Assist members on various situations through our own members or through the partners where necessary.

Contact Details

Sri Lankans Hospitality Professionals Association  (SLHPA) – UAE

Address: MCI | Dubai, Suite No. 902, Level 9, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 (4) 311 6387